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Δευτέρα, Αυγούστου 26, 2013

Design Thinking - My final assignment just for the record

This is the final assignment of Design Thinking course, that I was enrolled 5 summer weeks. From 22 July 2013 to 22 August 2013.
I am not sure that I learned something I did not know though, except the fact that, I was forced to put in action, what I always knew. 
I also realized that what stops us from trying to solve some problems, it is the fear of limitations and obstacles, that we subconsciously know they exist. They exist in reality, but this is not a reason to stop. Gaining knowledge by open communication and study and using the techniques of design thinking we can get over obstacles and solve the problem.

This is my assignment
1. My list of key takeaways/learnings
  • Communication is the base of design thinking
  • It needs a lot more than an interview with the stakeholder to achieve empathy. It needs to do like they do (there was also a "do" section in assignment), and try to establish a good communication channel with them. Resources are limited, time is limited, knowledge is limited and still there must be a solution to the problem. Try to establish good and open communication channels in all steps of the design thinking process.
  • There must be a balance between deadlines (time pressure) and time needed for genuine insights to define the problem.

2. My process map
It has to do with my emotions.
In the beginning of the course, when there was no knowledge of anything, (case, requirements, limitations) and I had only the good expectations and prospects of learning something new, my enthusiasm was high.

But as deadlines were approaching and I started realizing the requirements of the project and the limitations of resources, (time, people, tools, knowledge) stress was increasing
Stress does not leave so much space for enthusiasm, does it?
Of course I must proceed despite the stress, and manage the limited resources. I must gain knowledge about my Design Thinking case. So, what I noticed it is that gaining knowledge about my case, fueled again my enthusiasm.

So what I learned from the whole process it is that we must proceed despite the difficulties and the limitations. We must keep the first enthusiasm. At the beginning we had the enthusiasm because we did not know the facts. We must conquer the facts and keep the enthusiasm from the beginning to the end of the process. (in reality the process never ends, though)
3. A reflection about how design thinking skills and mindsets could be applied to problems I care about.
The most important, as I have already said, it is empathy. This empathy nevers ends. We need it in defining the problem, but also in ideating, in prototyping, in all steps of design thinking.
In home, having open channels of communication and using techniques like role playing, can help to see the perspective of all family members, and understand what they see, how they feel and think. This limits agression and negative emotions.
In my work, as a web application designer, I can use design thinking in creating user friendly applications and maximizing good user experience. I shall work hand in hand with the user.


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