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Κυριακή, Οκτωβρίου 28, 2012

City Vaults - The best pub in town

 City Vaults is definetely the best pub in town! 
This pub was our choice for our Friday evening unwinding, and it was a successful one. We arrived there about half past seven and the pub was full of people who geniunly had a good time. 

The age range of people is from 20 to 60 or 70, but all of them have one thing in mind: To have fun. 

The decoration of the pub is a classic decoration, with modern highlights, that gives warmth and joy in the atmosphere. In Sunday and Saturday there are live jazz performances.
We had a mature stella artois (black) and it was just perfect!
I loved the styling of the lady: She was wearing a party hat and flip flops in a definitely cold night of mid autumn.
This is a more secluded corner of the public house, very friendly and cozy. Made for chit chat and maybe hugs.
There is also an "upstairs" part!
I had a nice evening in City Vaults, and I shall come again soon. I recommend it as the best pub I have been since my arrival in Bradford.

Παρασκευή, Οκτωβρίου 26, 2012

The New Beehive Inn

Someone who does not know a city very well, gets more of the information from internet. Google becomes their best friend. Google maps their second nature. Yellow pages the same. And there is a tendency to believe what they read. This pub "The New Beehive Inn"  had a few nice reviews and we decided to visit it!
What I loved to read was that the lights are gas light, and that there are more than one bars. Five of them! Also that is an old building and very traditional. It is the best pub in town with fantastic atmosphere, according to a review!
As you can see in the photos, the lamps give a strange light, so it may be gaslit.
Also the decoration is old and traditional. No objection to it!
But I do not know where the five bars are! I found just one where I sat. Maybe a second one, but I could not see the entrance to go there.  I could ask the barman of course, but I hesitated. Though he was not bad, he was a fairly helpful guy, he was not very happy. Probably he was not happy with his customers.
 The clients were just a few for a Friday evening...and all of them quite strange! I mean completely!
Deaf people speaking with sign language and inarticulate cries, a paranoid who was swearing, some drug addicts, a depressed guy who was looking at his bottle all the time, another one quite happy who was reciting lyrics, a strange girl who wanted to be happy and social with some boring people...So that was what the review meant by great atmosphere.
Myself I did the mistake and I bought a very nice Strongbow that I could not drink! What a disgusting thing!  So I asked for a Guinness! Much better!
To be honest, I do not like the support I get from internet in "studying" my new city. I suppose that the best way to get to know a city is to go everywhere, and to judge by your own taste and with your own mind what you like and what not, what worth a visit and what does not!

Κυριακή, Οκτωβρίου 07, 2012

The Dog & Gun

 The "The Dog & Gun" is a very nice and cosy little old pub in Harrogate Road, Apperley Bridge in Bradford. I found it on my try to discover a pub that is a bit more cute and relaxing than the "Shoulder of Mutton" in Kirgate Market.
 As we do not know anyone in town to suggest us the nice parts, we have to drive around and detect the interesting bits.  And this small place is quite charming and I would characterize it also as "girlish", although its name denotes the contrary. I felt a tenderness in the atmosphere and that feeling gave me the impression that one can have a good time whether they visit the place for a romantic date, a friendly gathering or a business meeting, as long as they want to share and communicate things.

The place consists of three different areas, lounges let us say, each one having its unique characteristics. Two  rooms are in front, and the third is at the rear.  
Lovely window decoration.  
 Here is the back room with a fireplace. 
And here is the front area, with bigger tables more appropriate for dinning room. Although we just had beers, food must also be great, as I read in a review, the only one I found in the internet for this place. I must emphasize here, that this pub should not be confused with another bigger place having the same name and being mainly a restaurant.

Δευτέρα, Οκτωβρίου 01, 2012

This is Bradford

I have never prayed for this, although it was always deep in my heart since I first came in England in 1971: I wanted to live in this country. I believed that UK is the right place for me. And God who knows people's heart, gave this to me. It took 41 years to happen, but now I am here to stay. 

Today we went for a drive to find a hill to take some pictures of the town. Bradford, may not be a dream town, but I did not specify the city to God. I told you, I never prayed for it, because it is not a good thing to want to leave your country, is it? But God knows! 

 On the other hand, me personally I do not find anything wrong with Bradford. I like it, it is so dark in every aspect, that it is a mysterious place to my eyes. So here are some pictures from above.