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Τρίτη, Σεπτεμβρίου 10, 2013

Greek Holidays ended| Back in Bradford

Summer break just ended. We are back in Bradford and I am really happy for that. It is so quiet and peaceful where I live, that gives me hope I shall concentrate in my work. There is an over stimulus situation in Greece, plus the sun, that makes someone too difficult to concentrate and work. For me it is difficult, always it was! 

Anyway, it was summer, and I was supposed to have a break and my holidays in Greece, but it did not work that way either. So to sum up the situation, I can neither work, nor enjoy in Greece. I can just become stressed!

Of course do not think that I did not drink my beers, eat my souvlaki, met the parents, relatives and friends and had long and nice conversations. That was done, and not only once! But I need something else also. As I told you everything smells of stress, and I do not like that at all. Everyone seems to have a worry that makes them not enjoy the situation and so always it is something missing. And me personally I feel awful, for that. Sometimes Greek people must learn how to live their normal everyday life. They must learn how to relax and live for the moment. As Greeks we miss that, even if it seems the other way around. All cafes are full, all night clubs are full, and our heart is full of worry and envy. We must get well from that illness, because we are gifted people, in a gifted country and sometimes we must become the people that people from other countries think we are, and really feel the joy of living in a gifted country!

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