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Τετάρτη, Σεπτεμβρίου 28, 2011

Updates in Social Media

It has been a little time since I have not get in touch with you from this space here, I mean my blog, so I think I shall do it now.
I am really fascinated with the blast of updates in social media, so I had to catch up with all of those and make them work for me in the best possible way. Right now I am working in four lines.
What I mean is the following:

1) I updated the Resort Blog in blogger, because NOW  is the time for all of us to plan our next vacations. Evia in Greece is such a beautiful island, and our greek style cottage is lovely for summer vacations. It is ON THE BEACH, you only have to open the gate and you are there. Comfortable, friendly, cosy, situated in a big green relaxing garden. Have a look and call us for details if you want to book it. In a few weeks I shall put it in holiday portals, so hopefully will soon be soon fully booked.

2) PC-Answers, our technology page in facebook is getting bigger and better. There are a lot of new things to report every days, as I said before, and I have to follow this blast in technology, which is interesting, but hectic. After an hour, what was reported as News, it is old. Anyway, we try and we are far beyond the other greek pages, and not only.

3) Google +. I opened an account there and I love it! I am not going to compare it with facebook, or get into this war, you know what I mean, but surely it is a Plus. The big asset it is circles, and not from the technological point of view, but from the human point of view. There are very interesting all-subjects-savvy people there, who love to share information. And it is easy to find them! Just share them ;). Oh, I forgot. If you want add me to your circles.

4) Facebook. I have nothing to say! I am just delighted! My timeline is perfect.

 I do not like ticker though, I love subscription button, and I am not sure that the new circles in facebook is a good idea. Anyway, the whole subject of open graph is what fascinates me the most. Open graph is the heart of the project. So I started working with it, that means first of all studying it ;)

Things are changing guys, and they are changing fast! Try to connect to this new world that is forming right now and take part. Do not miss the opportunity to leave your footprint.

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