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Κυριακή, Νοεμβρίου 04, 2012

City Park View from Dragon Thai

City Park View from Dragon Thai restaurant
Yesterday we had our lunch in Dragon Thai Restaurant in Centenary Square in City Park, Bradford. It is a buffet lunch and dinner, with chinese food, and very nice prices. The lunch is for 6.5pounds per person, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm and dinner starts after that time with 11.5 pounds per person. I do not know if the dinner buffet is bigger, because I just had lunch there. Some other time I shall go for dinner and I shall tell you. 
As I said earlier, it is chinese restaurant, but given from a Bradfordian point of view. Mixed with indian dishes, garlic potatoes and of course chips. It was a tasty food though.
More authentic is the personel, for the waiters/waitresses are indeed chinese, and I had a hard time to communicate properly. I mean I speak english the greek way, they speak chinese the bradfordian way, so we had a real nice talk! 
But all together was a nice experience and surely I shall visit Dragon Thai again!

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