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Κυριακή, Οκτωβρίου 28, 2012

City Vaults - The best pub in town

 City Vaults is definetely the best pub in town! 
This pub was our choice for our Friday evening unwinding, and it was a successful one. We arrived there about half past seven and the pub was full of people who geniunly had a good time. 

The age range of people is from 20 to 60 or 70, but all of them have one thing in mind: To have fun. 

The decoration of the pub is a classic decoration, with modern highlights, that gives warmth and joy in the atmosphere. In Sunday and Saturday there are live jazz performances.
We had a mature stella artois (black) and it was just perfect!
I loved the styling of the lady: She was wearing a party hat and flip flops in a definitely cold night of mid autumn.
This is a more secluded corner of the public house, very friendly and cozy. Made for chit chat and maybe hugs.
There is also an "upstairs" part!
I had a nice evening in City Vaults, and I shall come again soon. I recommend it as the best pub I have been since my arrival in Bradford.