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Σάββατο, Ιουνίου 15, 2013

Like a test -

It is decades since my last post! I am afraid I have completely forgotten how to write.
Today I realised that I missed my blog, so I logged in. The last post I had submitted was about a project, web4applications. The project is finalised now, but I have to say it is completely changed  (not something unusual in business world). You can go and see what all is about. 
The other thing that is completely changed, it is my life, and on the top of it, I feel that I am not the same person! 
Anyway, I feel I want to start bloging again. This post is a small one, like a test, to see if I can write generally, and to see if I can write on a tablet, specifically. Because I still haven't got a laptop. The previous one destroyed by coffee, and a major reason I stopped writing is this! However it is time to start again.
Bye for now. See you!!!

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