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Κυριακή, Ιουνίου 16, 2013

New life style - change is difficult

Hello again :-)
As I have already said, my life has changed completely. That is something I always wanted, because my previous way of life
did not fit me. Simply it was not the life I wanted to live.
Change is not easy though. It is difficult. I am going to repeat it! It is difficult! But that is all, pure nice difficulty of forgetting old ways and learning new.
That is the first step in order to change something, in practice. To forget what was before. Many people do not succeed in changing because they want to keep old ways of doing things. But if somebody wants to change, cannot at the same time hold the old things. You either want to change or you do not want to change. Changing but being the same, simply does not make sense.
So forgetting what you were always doing, it is the first very difficult and painful step for changing.
Take it or leave it. But if you leave it, you will not have change.
That is what I want to say for now. See you later!

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