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Πέμπτη, Ιουλίου 17, 2014


"I shall make you a cup of coffee then... Or you prefer a cup of tea?" The old man asked.
"No, no, I am fine. Really. I just wanna talk with you". She answered.
"Talk, talk, talk. I surely believe I have not much to tell you. You exaggerate things in your mind, and you are not the only one, I am afraid". He said with a smile.
"And I AM AFRAID that facts do not agree with you, sir".
"You know this is an obsession, my young lady. Don't you know it?"
"But an obsession that pays off finally". She was more confident now.
"DO you always DO whatever comes in your mind?"
The old man left the room. He returned after a few minutes with tea for two. He was laughing.
"I know you are cold. And I know you are hungry! So drink it. The spaghetti will be ready soon. Spaghetti napolitana!  Frog legs can wait."
"Frog legs? Disgusting!!! Besides, I did not come here to eat or drink. " She stated.
"But you will, young lady, you will! You are not going to die in my hands tonight!" He laughed, and he hugged her.
"I am sure this hug will calm you down. After all, you shall have something to boast of to your friends...".
"But I...". She muttered. She felt her cheeks blushing.
"Yes, I know! I know!  I know everything, and you know it. It is the voice, it is the lyrics, but above all it is the mind. Not my mind, but yours!  That's why you are here. It is what is inside your mind.  That's why you have been three days outside my house, waiting for the perfect timing. But it is too cold this night, to let you outside...It is your lucky day, or to say it better, your lucky night! Welcome on board, for the best spaghetti ever!" He winked at her.
"Spaghetti and then! Your music, sir! And then, I shall publish the best blog post ever, tittled something like How to spend a night with a legend. Wow, I am thrilled!". 
"You are such a brat, my young lady! The future is yours!". He laughed and put his latest cd in cd player.

This is my assignement of writing a dialogue, in the course of Creative Writing I take online. Hope you enjoyed it!