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Τρίτη, Οκτωβρίου 11, 2011

How to: Rent for holidays| Greek village style cottage, on the beach,on Evia island| Holidays planning

Letting your holiday cottage it is a good idea for earning extra money to pay its mortgage, taxes, or save them for your holidays in another destination (rather than the one your holiday cottage is).

Το εξοχικό μας στα ΠολιτικάOur summer house, at Potitika, Evia. Sea view The other day I was talking about my update of the Greek Resort Blog in blogger. I just completed the final details and now our cottage is on the first holiday portal. Eventually I shall put it on some more portals, because that is the way it goes. Someone must be seen a lot around the web for their property to be fully booked.
To tell you the truth, this portal was a rather economical solution for someone who just starts advertising their cottage. Since I do not have any previous experience with those portals and this market, I do not want to pay a big amount of money straight away for its advertising .

PA280080This one is completely free for the first year and you pay a small fee after the second year. 

Letting your property through the web, it is cheaper than advertising it on the press and you have more control over the advertisement, generally speaking. You can also track the statistics of your advert and draw conclusions. 
There are a lot of sites that someone can submit their property. Not all them have traffic though. Some are completely abandoned. 

So, as an owner, someone must spend a few days surfing and choosing the best of the portals to save them as favorites. In the second run, see how much those portals will charge you for their services for not to run out of budget, because as I said before, the advert must be seen a lot around. You must publish your advert in as many web sites as you can, so price you pay is important. 

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