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Τετάρτη, Αυγούστου 08, 2012

Night scene

I am in our cottage in Politika, Evia. That is a good thing since we are suffering from high temperatures. Of course this is normal in summer time, but it is tiresome also, if high temperatures persist for long periods of time.
Anyway, this is a try with my Olympus to take some night shots of the sea and boat.  The bigger problem is that when it is dark, high ISO is used so you have to keep the camera still for a long period, to let the light come in. A tripod is very helpful in such circumstances. Since I have not one with me in the holidays, I used the back of a chair and I could take a decent shot. After 50 shots, one shot was good. The other problem, except of the movement, it is that the quality of the photo is not so good. But it is better to have a picture that is not so good, than no picture at all, 

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