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Πέμπτη, Νοεμβρίου 28, 2013

Upload photo get a link with

I would like to talk about our photo sharing tool,
It all started with our relocation in UK, and with the need of easy photo sharing with friends and family. They all wanted to see photos of me, photos of my home, photos of my home decoration, photos of my clothes, photos of my city, parks, ponds, rivers, photos of everything!
Some of my friends and relatives, they do not use Facebook, sending photos with email is not so "instant", and I needed something simple, easy, without settings, and to be sure that the photo will be seen only by the person I want, privately. After all they are not all interested in my home decoration! I want something as easy as it is to pass a link!
I could not find something so easy and funny, as I wanted, something to be easy and quick for my personal use, but also for my friends and family who do not know so much about internet. 
So what is easier, than creating a new tool, the way we like it? My daughter is a student in web technologies, so she did it!  allows you to easily upload your images, and share them with your friends.
Say that you want to share something with a friend, but you don't want all your social networking contacts to see, and you're too busy to deal with privacy settings. That's what this service is about, it makes all that easy and simple. You can just upload your images and have a link to share in seconds.Registration is free and only takes a few seconds.

When developing, we took into consideration that some people are not so internet savvy. They may be of an older age, or not having the time to get involved a lot with social media, etc. They may want something easy and quick.  
With someone can create categories of photos, and get a link for the category. Also someone can select photos to create a slide show and again get a link, in addition to single photo link.
So someone can upload photos get a link for sharing.

There is also free hosting, and with a pro account you can host nearly 20000 photos on the cloud.
The link you get from the tool, when you upload your photo, it looks like that

Photo from my weekend in Lake District.
Derwent Water Lake District National Park Keswick, Cumbria CA12