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Κυριακή, Ιουνίου 22, 2014

Auto awesome, creative and other photos

Auto awesome miracle!!! (done by google)
False reflection from Sony creations!!!
This is my perspective and tuning! My neighbourhood, as I see it from the top of the road.
   Magpie love. 
 Magpie loves walking more than flying!
And someone else...
 More yellow and garden ornaments to make someone smile
  pale pink
flower bed
This is my favorite photo
Look how the pink touches the light blue of the sky!

Those are photos taken from my walk in my neighbourhood. This means I am well enough, after the surgery, to walk around and enjoy the nature, the singing of the birds, and my shooting. This is really amazing, as I was waiting for this moment to come, so I bless the Lord and I keep walking!