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Κυριακή, Οκτωβρίου 07, 2012

The Dog & Gun

 The "The Dog & Gun" is a very nice and cosy little old pub in Harrogate Road, Apperley Bridge in Bradford. I found it on my try to discover a pub that is a bit more cute and relaxing than the "Shoulder of Mutton" in Kirgate Market.
 As we do not know anyone in town to suggest us the nice parts, we have to drive around and detect the interesting bits.  And this small place is quite charming and I would characterize it also as "girlish", although its name denotes the contrary. I felt a tenderness in the atmosphere and that feeling gave me the impression that one can have a good time whether they visit the place for a romantic date, a friendly gathering or a business meeting, as long as they want to share and communicate things.

The place consists of three different areas, lounges let us say, each one having its unique characteristics. Two  rooms are in front, and the third is at the rear.  
Lovely window decoration.  
 Here is the back room with a fireplace. 
And here is the front area, with bigger tables more appropriate for dinning room. Although we just had beers, food must also be great, as I read in a review, the only one I found in the internet for this place. I must emphasize here, that this pub should not be confused with another bigger place having the same name and being mainly a restaurant.