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Δευτέρα, Οκτωβρίου 01, 2012

This is Bradford

I have never prayed for this, although it was always deep in my heart since I first came in England in 1971: I wanted to live in this country. I believed that UK is the right place for me. And God who knows people's heart, gave this to me. It took 41 years to happen, but now I am here to stay. 

Today we went for a drive to find a hill to take some pictures of the town. Bradford, may not be a dream town, but I did not specify the city to God. I told you, I never prayed for it, because it is not a good thing to want to leave your country, is it? But God knows! 

 On the other hand, me personally I do not find anything wrong with Bradford. I like it, it is so dark in every aspect, that it is a mysterious place to my eyes. So here are some pictures from above.