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Δευτέρα, Φεβρουαρίου 03, 2014

5 reasons I love living in UK

It is about a year and a half, that I have relocated in UK, from Greece.

Many of you, you will wonder why I moved away from Greece, since Greece  is considered to be the most beautiful country in the world! So, I decided to confide to you, why I love UK.
I surely agree that Greece is beautiful, and here is my present for you who you are lovers of Greece. You can see many astonishing landscapes (fron Greece mostly, but other places also) in this site, but me personally, I have five reasons I like living in the UK.
  1. Higher education system, like colleges and universities, is well organised. Classes are done, tutors and professors are at their desks, and students' satisfaction for the courses, is generally speaking good.
  2. Even if there is still economic depression in the country, having as a result many job positions to be lost, there are jobs in the market. Unemployment is not so high, and someone who has a university degree has many chances to find a good job. (Depending of course on the subject of studies, for there are some subjects that have not a good chance)
  3. Generally speaking, the country is in order. There is no social unrest, (no much, only in some places or for certain minorities), there is no strikes. Public services are fairly reliable. NHS also is reliable. Appointments are arranged, and they do everything in the time they say. I shall tell you more about NHS though, later on.
  4. Shopping therapy: Fairly satisfactory for me! There is a great variety of products, in good prices. Some chain shops like Primark, have very-very-very cheap products, that is a help for the average consumer. I know of course why the prices of those products are so affordable, and in what conditions people work in Bangladesh, for us to have all those things in UK and other European countries, but still it is a help. So, for me it helps me psychologically to know that everything I need I will be able to find it and get it easily, and I very much appreciate the fact that there is a great choice of products.
  5. Click on image to view bigger:
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  6. English countryside: I love it!I love green fields, I love green scenery, I love traditional houses that are found in villages, and also I am greatly fascinated by the fact that the past, the present, and the future all exist simultaneously in this country. This image is hosted on Greece is beautiful, with a variety of scenery, with light all over the place, sun, sea and warm weather, but English countryside is also marvelous. And more in my taste.This image is hosted on
So those are the 5 reasons why I enjoy living in UK. And among those 5 reasons, it is the first reason, having to do with the good standard of universities, and the second reason, having to do with the good chances of someone's placement in the industry, and for my daughter's favor, that we decided to relocate in UK.